If you have had gallbladder surgery, you will be interested to read about what to eat after gallbladder surgery. Gallbladder looks like a small sack, located near the liver. Its main function is to store bile and it has an important role in digestion processes. It takes part in processing the foods. When you need to digest food in the intestines, the bile is released. If your gallbladder is removed, there will be no organ to control the release of bile. Bile is much needed for digesting fatty foods. Gallbladder regulates such processes, so if there is no gallbladder in the body, one will have to take care of digestion by moderating his diet.

What Should You Eat After Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder surgery is done when there is no other option left for resolving the gallbladder problem. After the surgery, you will have to make some changes in your diet and your lifestyle as well.

You will have to avoid cereals, broccoli, grain breads, cabbage, and similar food items.

You will start consuming liquid foods. They do not cause any pressure to digestive system, so they are good to consume during this period.

Keep in mind that you will have to change your diet for good. This is not only temporarily! You will need to get used to a new regime. Ask your doctor for some advice on what to eat and what to avoid. Follow your doctor’s instructions and you will avoid problems.

Some people experience constipation after the surgery. If this happens, you will tell your doctor about it, and he/she will help you solve this problem. Some patients start having nausea after consuming liquid foods. If this is the case with you, you must visit your doctor.

Your stools will be different, and that will last for several months. Do not consume spicy foods, because these foods can trigger excessive gas production in the body, leading to abdominal discomfort or pain.

Depending on a particular case, patients are given advice on what to eat after gallbladder surgery. You should never make your diet plan without talking to your doctor. You can also talk to a nutritionist about gallbladder diet.

Patients with gallbladder problems are usually advised to eat okra, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, garlic, ripe tomatoes, salmon, lemon, apples, grapes, papaya, and foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids. Vegetable juices are also very helpful, but they should be natural and without any additives.

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