Here you can find more information on gallbladder symptoms in children. Gallbladder is an important organ, located beneath the right side of your ribs, near the liver. Its role is to store bile and manage digestion processes. As with other organs, problems are possible with gallbladder, too. It is very important to know the symptoms of gallbladder. If you start treating gallbladder disorder in time, you will avoid complications and further problems.

In children, cholecystitis can be chronic or acute. Younger children are more likely to have acute cholecystitis, which results from infections (bacterial or viral). Chronic cholecystitis lasts for a long time and it usually occurs because gallstones have been formed in the gallbladder. This condition is usually seen in children older than eleven years.

Gallstones in children are also possible. These stones are mostly formed when there is too much of calcium bilirubinate in the bile. These are dark stones, with black pigment. Brown pigment gallstones are also possible, but these are rare. They usually form in the bile duct.

What are the Causes of Gallbladder Disorders in Children?

These problems are not too dangerous, but they should be treated, in order to avoid complications. Some of the causes that lead to gallbladder problems in children include:

Weak immune system
Parenteral nutrition
Hemolytic disease
Abdominal surgery
Acute renal failure
Weigh loss diet
Poor diet
Some medications
Chronic liver disease
Bilinary tract problems

Gallbladder Symptoms in Children

Other conditions can have similar symptoms to those of gallbladder, so it is important to take your child to a doctor and determine the cause. Gallbladder symptoms usually occur out of nowhere – they occur for no obvious reason.

One of the most common gallbladder symptoms in children is pain. This pain usually occurs in the rights side of the stomach and lasts from fifteen minutes to one hour. It usually subsides on its own. Sometimes, the pain can last for hours.

Nausea, indigestion and vomiting are also some of the common symptoms of gallbladder in children. Gas, burping, bloating and belching (usually after meals) are also possible.

Fever can develop in a child with gallbladder disorder. This fever can be accompanied by chills.

Never ignore these symptoms. If your child is complaining about any of the symptoms mentioned above, take him/her to a pediatrician. Do not give your child any medications without your doctor’s knowledge. It is important to find out the cause first.

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  1. Carol W says:

    8 y/I female sinus infection lactose intolerate. Started experiencing umbilical pain at night sharp pin like would last 15 min- 1 hour. Nausea burping distended. Would only happen at night after fatty meals or cheese products. Doctor gave her antibiotics for sinus infections. She felt better on a brat diet. But pain came back worse when started eating her normal bad duet. Thanks Carol W

  2. mindy says:

    My 9 year old had an ultrasound and they said he has sludge in his gall badder, however 3 weeks ago when this started I noticed he was breathing shallow and would become very winded just walking a short distance which is totally out of character for him.

    Can sludge in the gall bladder cause breathing issues like this?

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