Gallbladder surgery complications are rare, but they are possible. Here you can read more about gallbladder surgery and possible risks. Gallbladder is very important organ, located near the liver. Its main function is to store bile. Gallbladder problems can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender and overall health. Sometimes, gallbladder problems can only be solved by surgery. Gallbladder symptoms are often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, which makes these problems hard to detect. Early diagnose is important for a successful treatment. If you do not detect gallbladder problems in time, you may experience problems with this organ, which will require a surgery to be done.

Gallbladder surgery is a routine procedure and it is considered quite safe. However, complications are possible and they include:

– Bile leak. As we said, gallbladder stores bile. It is like a sack where bile is deposited. After the surgery, bile may start leaking onto the small intestine or the pancreas, which can cause pain. This is the most common complication after the gallbladder surgery. It is also one of the causes of pancreatitis.

– Bile duct injuries. This complication is also possible, but it is rare. This can happen due to low visibility during the gallbladder surgery. This can cause abdominal pain and bile leak.

– Other complications depend mostly on surgeons and medical staff, but these cases are rare.

– The incision can get infected after the surgery. If you take care of the incision and follow your doctor’s instructions, you will avoid this kind of problems. The infection can lead to pain, prolonged healing period and sometimes a severe infection.

– Cholesterol levels can become higher. This happens because gallbladder is removed and there is no place to store bile anymore. This may lead to bad digestion of fats. That is precisely why people who have had gallbladder surgery are advised not to eat fatty foods. If you eat fatty foods, you will have problems with high cholesterol and this will cause further problems. Sometimes, being undisciplined about the diet can lead to another surgery. To prevent this, keep away from fatty foods and follow your doctor’s instructions.

As we said, gallbladder surgery complications are not very common. Most patients have a normal life, even after the gallbladder surgery. The most important thing is to follow the right diet regime and go for regular checks after the surgery. If you feel any kind of discomfort or pain after the surgery, talk to your doctor.

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  1. Tracey Laughlin says:

    I had a bile leak after my gallbladder surgery and they didn’t detect it for 3 days after my surgery. Could this cause permanent damage? I am having extreme abdominal pain and pain in my upper ab/chest area. Also, feels like my intestants are being twisted and in a ton of pain. My doctor is blind and had a CT scan, and going in for another endoscopy tomorrow.

    Any advice?

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