Gallbladder removal complications are not very common, but they are possible. We will try to explain what the gallbladder is and to say something more about its role and possible complications related to gallbladder.

Gallbladder is an extremely important organ, located on the right side of the ribs. Sometimes this organ gets inflamed and/or infected; as a result – a pain may occur, so as further complications. Gallstones are also possible to occur and cause problems. Gallbladder rupture is one of the gallbladder diseases that can be serious. Some patients can be treated with oral medicines, but there are cases when gallbladder surgery is the only solution to gallbladder problem.

Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder surgery is a routine procedure called „laparoscopic cholecystectomy”. In case there are problems in gallbladder functioning (any type of gallbladder dysfunction) – procedure may be the safest and sometimes unavoidable solution. In patients with gallbladder issues, the pain they experience is so strong that many of them find the surgery relieving. In most of the cases, surgery is performed with no complications and side effects. Still, certain post-operation problems sometimes occur. We will say more about them.

Gallbladder Surgery Complications

For some patients, there is no other solution to the gallbladder problem but surgery. Although gallbladder surgeries rarely result in problems, they can occur. Bile duct can get injured. This tube is actually a connection between the liver and the gallbladder. This may cause bile leaking, accompanied by strong pain. Diarrhea can also occur in some patients. Since the gallbladder has a role in digestion process – without it, the body can experience problems in digesting foods. But diarrhea is not a severe problem and often goes away spontaneously as soon as body gets used to changes due to gallbladder removal. Bile leaking may also occur. Gallbladder stores the bile; so if there is no gallbladder, bile can leak into the pancreas or the small intestine.

There are also different types of infection occurring as gallbladder removal side effects. Even the patients who are on antibiotics before and/or after gallbladder surgery, can experience infections problems. Internal bleeding can also occur, so as injuries of the blood vessels. Although people believe that gallbladder removal will help them to get rid of gallbladder pain, they should be aware of possible complications after the surgery. Your doctor will give you the best advice on what to do before and after the gallbladder surgery, in order to reduce or prevent any complications.

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  1. pretty says:

    i had an open cholecystectomy 3days doctor ordered my discharge slip 1 and a half day after d operation.i felt so strong but everytime i move,i sit,stand i feel severe pain in d operated part Plus everywtym i put force in moving i feel shortness of breathing,and my shoulders weaken and feels numb.r these natural post operation feelings?how long wil d pain go away . i will resume working 2wiks fr dat posible?tnx and more power

  2. susan says:

    question can a person have rough sex after surgery? what r the complication

  3. Chyeanne says:

    I had just turned 17 in march and for about a whole year i had extreme pain. april 20th is when things started happen that was making my mom worried, see i never throw up and i did all nightand morning i texted my mom from school and told her somethings seriously wrong i cant stop puking! she took me to the hospitle to a doctor and they thought it was my appendix. they did liqid dye and etc! then the doctor told us to go see the surgen, that he would like to see us, well my moms like watch he will come in and say nothings wrong with you and we had spent the whole day in here for nothing. well the surgon walked in and said good and bad news its not the appendix, but its your gall bladder.

    he said that he stopped counting at 20. and there was still more. and that i had two options. surgery or a diet my mom asked what the diet was he said no pizza no chicken no greasy food! so my mom said surgery was better for me. well i went in and had it done the next day. and i felt so much better but now i have this pain in my stomach where the gallbladder use to be and it wont go away! and I’m worried about it idk whats causing it! if anyone has answers please email me or find me on face book at chy skittles rainbow! PLEASE!

  4. RHONDA says:

    My question is should the surgeon give you antibotics before and after the gallbladder removal because mine did not but everybody i know their doctor did??

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