If you are diagnosed with gallbladder disease, your doctor has probably told you about gallbladder treatment and gallbladder remedies. Home remedies can never replace medications, but they can be useful in relieving the symptoms of gallbladder disease. Let us see what home remedies are effective in treating gallbladder disease.

Home Remedies for Gallbladder

Beets juice, carrot juice and cucumber juice are good if mixed together. Make juices using these vegetables (you need 100 ml of each) and mix them together. This juice is healthy and beneficial to your overall health. According to people who have gallbladder problems, these juices are effective. This should be consumed two times a day.

Pears are great for relieving gallbladder symptoms. Use them for making juice and consume whenever you feel like it! Pears seem to work for people with gallbladder disorders.

Chicory seeds, flowers and roots are great home remedy for gallbladder. Chicory seeds, roots and flowers are used for making decoction, which should be consumed three times a day. This is also a good remedy for liver. You can consume it as a juice or as a tea.

Dandelions are also useful in treating gallbladder disease. Dandelion juice taken two times a day can be very helpful in treating gallbladder disorders. Dandelion can also be consumed in a form of tea. People usually combine dandelion with vegetarian diet, and this seems to work.

Olive oil is good for getting rid of gallstones. It is consumed early in the morning, before breakfast. Right after taking olive oil, you should take grapefruit juice, too. This treatment lasts for one or two weeks. Olive oil can be used as a good alternative to other oils. Use it for salads, meats or vegetables.

Castor oil is another home remedy for gallbladder disorder. You should use a soft cloth and soak it in castor oil. Put this onto your abdomen and use heating pad. This way you will reduce swelling caused by gallbladder disorder.

You should avoid caffeine and all drinks that contain it. Alcohol, chocolate, sugary foods and fast foods are all foods to avoid if having problems with gallbladder.

Remember, before you start using any medications or remedies for gallbladder, you should speak to your doctor first. Never use any therapy on your own. Gallbladder disease can cause various problems if you treat it improperly. Even foods you consider healthy can harm your gallbladder, so you should talk to a professional about your diet.

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