Gallstones are considered responsible for most of the gallbladder disorders, but there can be numerous gallbladder problems without gallstones. The term we use for this type of disorder is ‘acute acalculous disease’.

Gallbladder Problems with No Gallstones

Gallbladder problems without gallstones are rare. These problems usually occur in people who already have other disorders. Patients who suffer from sepsis may develop gallbladder problems without having gallstones. Sepsis can be defined as an infection that affects the entire body. The bacteria go through the body and reach the gallbladder, too.

What are the most common symptoms?

It usually starts with gallbladder wall inflammation. The most common symptoms include:

– Pain in the upper abdomen
– Nausea
– Pain that occurs after having a meal (especially after eating fatty foods)

These symptoms are pretty much the same as in other types of gallbladder disorders. The pain can subside after one hour, or it can persist for several hours.

How is this condition treated?

● Ultrasound is used in order to check if there are any gallstones. If there are no gallstones, blood test will be done in order to find the bacteria that have caused this disease.

● In most cases, antibiotics will be used intravenously. Pills are not strong enough to fight the infection.

● In some cases, the bile needs to be drained, because it is infected, too. Doctors use small drain that is inserted into the gallbladder, and then the bile is taken out.

Gallbladder removal can be one of the options, but it is used rarely. This will be done only in case antibiotics turn out to be ineffective.

Can there be any complications?

● This type of gallbladder disease can become very severe if left untreated. It can lead to:

– Gangrene
– Gallbladder perforation
– Bile duct blockage

It is very important to prevent this disease from getting worse. If you have any of the symptoms we mentioned, it would be best to visit your doctor and see what the problem is. If you experience some of these signs, do not ignore them.

These symptoms are similar to those of other gallbladder disorders. Whatever the case is, you must not leave it untreated. Your doctor will check if you have gallstones. If you don’t have gallstones, but you do have gallbladder disease, your condition will be treated with proper medications. If left untreated, Acaclulous gallbladder disease can cause serious problems.

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