What are the most common gallbladder problems after pregnancy? Gallbladder is a very important organ. It is located near the liver, on the rights side of your abdomen. Its role is to store bile and to control the release of bile into the intestine. This organ plays an important role in digestion processes, especially in situations when you consume fatty foods. After you eat something, certain amount of bile will be released into your intestines. If there is anything wrong, you will start having problems with digestion and other symptoms will occur, too. There are several types of gallbladder disorders. Almost all of them have similar symptoms.

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Gallbladder Disorder?

The most common symptoms of gallbladder disorder include abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, bloating, belching, indigestion, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, and possibly jaundice. The pain can start in the abdominal area, but it can easily spread to the right shoulder. It can last from fifteen minutes to several hours.

Several factors can lead to gallbladder disorders. Poor diet can be one of them. If you eat too much junk food, fatty foods and other low-quality food, consume alcohol and smoke, you will be at risk of developing some of the gallbladder conditions. However, poor diet can lead to many other health problems.

Genetics seems to play a role, too. If you have a family history of such disorders, you will have to be very careful and talk to your doctor about the best way to prevent gallbladder diseases. Women are at higher risk of developing gallbladder problems.

Now, let us say something about the gallbladder and pregnancy. As you can see, some of the gallbladder symptoms are quite similar to normal symptoms of pregnancy, such as abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and occasional indigestion problems. Pregnant women can have heartburn, caused by pregnancy. However, if any of these problems is related to gallbladder, it can stay undiagnosed, simply because a woman believes that it is just one of the symptoms of pregnancy. That is why it is important to go for regular checks. If you are pregnant, and you have any of these symptoms, ask your doctor about the possibility of developing gallbladder problems.

Gallbladder Problems after Pregnancy

Some women can experience gallbladder problems after pregnancy. Let us learn more about this. What are the causes and what can you do to treat such problems?

As you know, many changes take place in the body during pregnancy. Hormonal activity is changed, too. Progesterone will help the muscles stay relaxed, which can also affect gallbladder. Gallbladder may become unable to contract and release the bile. This may lead to bile hardening and gallstones formation.

The main problem is that these symptoms are similar to normal symptoms of pregnancy, so they can easily stay undiagnosed. If these symptoms persist even after pregnancy, you have to see your doctor as soon as possible. That is the sign that you may have some problems with your gallbladder. There are several ways to treat gallbladder disorders, but you have to start with your treatment in time.

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