What is a gallbladder polyp? Gallbladder polyps can be defined as protrusions that usually appear within the gallbladder lining. This condition is not very common, but it can develop, so everyone should know more about it. In most of the cases, gallbladder polyps do not require any special treatment. If you have this kind of problem, you should visit your doctor and ask for an advice. Let us learn more about this condition.

What Are Gallbladder Polyps?

Gallbladder polyps can be defined as lesions that appear within the gallbladder lining. They are usually harmless. Gallbladder polyps are usually composed of cholesterol as well as some muscle tissues. These formations are not cancerous, so there is no need to be worried. In some cases, however, it is possible that gallbladder polyps develop into more serious problem, such as tumors.

There are several types of gallbladder polyps. In fact, these occurrences can be divided into five types: hyperplastic, cholecystitis, cholesterosis, adenomyatosis and adenocarcinoma. Adenocarcinoma is actually a type of gallbladder cancer. This type of polyp is dangerous and it has to be treated as soon as possible. Cholestrosis is caused by cholesterol accumulation inside the gallbladder.

Gallbladder polyps are nearly 10 millimeters long, and this type of polyps is considered harmless. They usually need no special treatment. However, some polyps can be quite large. This can happen when the muscular lining starts growing because of too much cholesterol. Polyps that are longer than ten millimeters can become malignant, and they are usually considered risky.

Gallbladder polyps usually do not show any symptoms. They are mostly asymptomatic. People usually discover them when they go to ultrasound because of some other problem. Patients who have gallstones usually have polyps, too. Sometimes, the symptoms can occur and they include abdominal pain, especially on the right side of the upper abdomen.

How to Treat Gallbladder Polyps

Gallbladder polyps are usually benign and they require no special treatment. However, large polyps that can be cancerous must be treated as soon as possible. Your doctor will determine how dangerous the polyps really are. If the gallbladder polyps turn out to be dangerous, a patient can be advised to undergo a gallbladder surgery. Your doctor will control your condition for as long as it takes and if there is any complication, it will be detected in time. If you have gallbladder polyps, your doctor will tell you about the foods to avoid. It is important to modify your diet in order to avoid any further complications with gallbladder.

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