Gallbladder pain is quite severe and sometimes even gets unbearable. People who suffer from gallbladder issues are often desperate in attempts to make the pain go away. Gallbladder attack is manifested through the following symptoms: pain which is quite severe, occurring under the side of your ribs (this pain can spread onto the back); pain in the abdomen can also occur, along with nausea and vomiting.

Gallbladder Attack

Gallbladder attacks are more likely to occur during the night. In most of the cases, gallbladder attacks occur after a large meal. Pain that accompanies gallbladder attack is severe. Gallbladder attack usually lasts from fifteen minutes to even fourteen or fifteen hours! The causes of gallbladder attacks and/or gallbladder pain are gallstones (this refers to most of the cases). This happens when a gallstone gets stuck in a bile duct. Gallstones can be inside one’s body for years without causing any trouble (those are called “silent gallstones”); however, in some cases, gallstones can make serious problems and cause unbearable pain.

Even if there are no gallstones, gallbladder problems can still occur, resulting in severe pain. There is little you can do to stop this pain. You can try by avoiding fatty foods. There is a gallbladder diet that can help you in fighting this problem. This diet includes more vegetarian foods and some of the foods are strictly forbidden. An important thing to take care of is cholesterol. You must avoid cholesterol from any source, so you have to be well informed about certain types of food and the cholesterol levels contained in particular foods. But sometimes the changes in your diet are just not enough to solve the gallbladder pain problems. Unfortunately, in some cases, the only way to stop the pain is gallbladder surgery.

But even after the surgery (surgical removal of gallbladder), the pain can go on and one must make considerable changes regarding his/her life style. Gallbladder diet after surgery has to be strictly followed.

If the pain is caused by gallstones and there is no need to undergo a gallbladder surgery, the stones can be removed. However, this doesn’t mean that the pain will actually go away for good. Gallbladder sometimes makes serious problems and people are often so desperate that they want to have the gallbladder removed no matter what. If you are experiencing problems and pain, visit your doctor and ask for help.

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