What is gallbladder heartburn? If you have heard about this type of heartburn, you must be wondering what it is and how it is related to gallbladder. Let us find out.

Heartburn is one of the symptoms of gallbladder disease. However, there is no other link between heartburn and gallbladder. Heartburn you feel as a symptom of gallbladder disease is not an ordinary heartburn. It is a similar feeling, but it is not a ‘real’ heartburn.

People believe that what they feel is heartburn because gallbladder discomfort occurs in the same way as heartburn does, and nearly in the same place. Gallbladder disease symptoms include indigestion, abdominal pain, belching and nausea. Heartburn feels almost the same, so it is no wonder that people (wrongly) believe that these symptoms are nothing but heartburn.

Heartburn results from too much acid concentrated in the stomach. It shows the same symptoms as the gallbladder disease – indigestion, belching, and hiccups.

What are the causes of heartburn? There can be several. The cause number one is the food you eat. Spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol and acidic foods are responsible for heartburn. Your lifestyle has a lot to do with heartburn. Your eating habits can contribute to this problem, too. If you eat large meals, you are likely to experience heartburn. The quality of your meals is also important. Certain types of food can trigger heartburn. Avoid junk food, acidic foods, alcohol and caffeine.

If you eat late at night, this can also cause heartburn. Even small late dinner can cause heartburn, so avoid eating before going to bed.

Cigarettes can also cause heartburn. They increase the acid production in the body, so if you are a smoker, try quitting cigarettes!

Stress is another factor that can lead to heartburn. Researches have shown that stress can lead to excessive acid production. You should avoid stress in order to prevent other health problems, too. It seems that every health problem is somehow related to some type of stress. It is no different with heartburn.

Heartburn can be relieved if you drink a glass of water. Antacids can be helpful, but you should not use them all the time. You should speak to your doctor about these medications.

If you have frequent heartburn, you should visit your doctor. Sometimes, heartburn can indicate other health problems, like gallbladder disease or stomach ulcers. See your doctor and find out why you’re having heartburn. Do not try to solve this problem on your own. Your doctor will determine what the problem is and give you the right medications.

4 Comments on Gallbladder Heartburn

  1. Branden says:

    Hey Kim. I literally have the EXACT same thing happening to me, it’s been a whole I thought it was from being a little over weight but ann beginning to think there is a serious underlying problem. Did you ever find anything else out?

  2. hailey says:

    hey i have the same symptoms its kind of weird i just looked up my syptoms online should i consult a doc about it?

  3. kim24 says:

    I have had non stop heartburn for over two years,ive been on several medications for this and nothing works. I also get pain sometimes under my right rib and across upper stomach, pain sometimes goes right through to my back and in shoulders, I also constantly feel like there is something pushing out on my lower right rib, this feeling never goes away, i have nausea a lot and just feel tired all the time, Ive had a few tests on gallbladder but they have come back normal, now my doctor is sending me for the same tests again

    • ben says:

      Hi Kim,
      i have the same thing you had and all my test came back normal. like something is inside my right rib cage that feel like a ball. please let me know how far you have gone with your and i will really appreciate that..

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