Gallbladder disease can cause severe problems if left untreated. Sometimes the only way to solve the problems with gallbladder is to remove it surgically. This surgery is a routine procedure and it leaves no consequences. However, some changes have to be made regarding a patient’s lifestyle and diet. We will tell you more about this issue, but let’s first say something about gallbladder disease.

The Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder disease symptoms usually include abdominal discomfort, pain, gas, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, bad digestion, and these symptoms usually occur right after meal. People usually think that these symptoms are not too serious and they leave them untreated, waiting for the symptoms to disappear on their own. It is very important to visit your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Gallbladder problems are treated successfully if detected in time. That way you will be able to avoid surgery or other painful experiences that accompany your meals.

Obese people are prone to gallbladder disease because their cholesterol levels are usually high. Cholesterol causes gallstones forming in your body, so it is very important to keep your cholesterol levels under control. If you are obese, you must lose some weight and control your fats and cholesterol. Even if you do not have any pain or severe symptoms of gallbladder, try changing your diet in order to prevent complications.

Gallbladder Diet

Healthy diet is recommended to all of us, not only to people who already have gallbladder problems. Gallbladder diet is not very restrictive; you will see that there are many foods allowed. The most important thing is to stay away from fats. Fatty milk and other fatty dairy products, fatty meats, margarine and mayonnaise belong to the group of foods to avoid. Lean meats, vegetables, fruits and whole grain breads are good choice. People with gallbladder problems can consume sweats and cookies in condition those are low in fats. Hydrogenised oils are very bad for gallbladder patients, so they must be avoided, too. Gallbladder diet is sometimes enough to prevent other complications. However, some patients must follow this diet after gallbladder removal.

Women seem to have more chances to develop gallbladder problems. Gallbladder problems can also occur in pregnant women. In fact, gallbladder problems are quite common in pregnant women. If you experience any of the symptoms, visit your doctor as soon as possible. Early treatment can help you avoid surgery and keep your gallbladder under control.

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