Gallbladder attack can occur in patients who have problems like inflammation of gallbladder or gallstones. In most of the cases, gallbladder attacks occur when one takes food with high concentration of fats or in patients with diabetes.

Gallbladder attacks are very painful People with this kind of problem would even go to have surgery just to make the pain go away. Pain usually comes from gallstones that move through the bile tube. Sometimes the pain is caused by gallbladder inflammation. Gallbladder attack symptoms are: nausea, gas and vomiting; pain in chest (right side); gallbladder gets painful to touch; a patient may experience difficulties to move or walk while certain body positions and  moves can be very painful.

Foods high in fats can contribute to gallbladder attack as well. People with this kind of problem should avoid eating eggs, beans, fatty meats, milk, coffee, alcohol, grapefruit and nuts. Pain can spread to the right side of the body (shoulders and back). It is more likely to happen during the night and can be both dull and sharp. Pain in the abdomen is also commonly reported. One can also experience bitter taste in mouth and bitter fluid after meals.

If any of the symptoms occur, you should lie down and stay calm. You should relax and wait for the pain to stop. If you feel like vomiting, do it – you will feel relieved after that, but do not force yourself. Gallbladder attack lasting varies from person to person. In some patients it can last for ten minutes, while in others can last up to fifteen hours. You should call the doctor if the fever occurs along with pain.

Your doctor will take up analysis and examinations in order to determine your condition and prescribe you therapy. Depending on the results, a surgery can also be an option. But do not jump to conclusions before seeing a doctor. Some gallbladder problems can be treated without surgical interventions.

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  1. Judy says:

    For the last 4 days, my stomach has been making “odd” noises & GREEN diarrhea …It’s making me a prisoner to my toilet. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I’m nauseated & the Pain jst below my rt. rob cage hurts & I’m kinda a small person….but my belly.. That’s usually flat is bloated & I’ve not eaten except chicken broth….& that’s pretty much 56…relatively in good health… & I gravitate from the toilet to the bed & or couch. I just thought it was a bug go n around. I’m terribly WEAK too. Help:(

  2. Carolyn Spencer says:

    I am experiencing gas, and burping at least every two minutes or so. I am also having pain in my upper rib cage, but it is on my left side, all the info I have found online say pain should be on right side. The symptoms started around 4 A.M. and I couldn’t lie still any more so I got on the computer to see what I could find out, it’s 6 A.M. now and I’m still having these symtoms. Can anyone tell me if a gallbladder can be on the opposite side?

  3. susan says:

    I started feeling ill on a friday evening,nauseated ,chills,really tired,woke up Sat morn feeling like somebody beat me up under both ribs and back area,ate very little ,lasted allwkend then monday everything got worse,bitter acid reflex(bile)diarhea,extremely weak and rapid heart beat,went to bed ,tuesday all soarness started going away ,felt better except for trapped gas feeling and fullness

  4. says:

    Hi I had a ultrasound and have one gall stone. My symptoms are some what different in that after eating
    fatty foods my stomach starts to hurt, then I feel like I have to use the restroom, usually at least 3 times, sometimes I get diarrhea and get cold sweats, get the feeling I will pass out,can barely walk. This lasts about 2 hours. I go 3 or 4 months without any episodes. I read that apple juice or sauce will help.
    I have COPD and am afraid to go under for surgery

    Does anyone have suggestions for me? Joanne

    • Brenda says:

      my little dog had copd she had surgery to remove a tumor on her leg she was 14 but i was afraid for her to be put under she said she would breath better cause oxgen is right there she did fine

  5. Davin says:

    Im a guy, just wondering if woman are the main one hits jw but my pains started two days ago, thought I was having a heart attack, well the pain started at the top of my belly then headed upwards to my right side rib cage and then my chest tightened up with a lot of pain and just between my shoulder blades at the bottom I has a ton of pain, for a grown man I felt like crying it lasted all night the pains, well my boss said I had to work,and I work on transit taking people to their doc visit and here I am in pain. So I took my client when I had another attack this time it was so hard I eventually had to shed some tears, so now this is the third day and I still fill the pains and I hope the doc tries to find out what’s going on, I’m In so much pain enough that to look on the Internet.

  6. ese says:

    My girl friend av had ulcer pains for some times tim,say about 3 years now. it had not really being a problem,(he selective dieting had helped,but yesterday she complained of something quite different (pain her abdomen just above my navel, after which, bitter spit comes bark to my mouth and i feels like vomiting).kind of a little bit confused what that be?please kindof need a response asap,here
    my email:

  7. Devin says:

    I started having horrible pain under both my breast that circled through to my back, vomiting, and I would switch from hot to cold and sweat constantly. This went on for over a year with many trips to the er. A few doctors thought it was indigestion due to the fact that I was pregnant when it started. After a while my pain would be more often and last longer! I wanted to die! About a month ago i was admitted into the hospital and had my gallbladder taken out. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! the diet sucks but the pain is gone. go see a surgeon! He will do all the test and determine if its gallbladder or not!

  8. judy says:

    I have real bad pain in the top part of my stomch and pain in my back, that is so bad that I pass out and when I come to the pain is go and I’m so tried and weak that I just want to sleep and the next day I’m still real tried this is the third and fourth time this has happen.

  9. Sharon Kane says:

    Has anyone ever been sore after a long gall bladder attack? I have soreness upon walking and certain ways I move. It feels ok while sitting or laying down. I am wondering if the constant spasming and cramping of the gall bladder could make a person sore for a few days afterwards.

    • Sabrina Wavada says:

      I am always sore after an attack. The soreness can go for a day or even to a week. I have to be careful of how I move or sit because it’s sensitive sometimes. (Sorry for a late reply!)

    • Jess says:

      I did my worst gallstone attack I was vomiting ever were for the next 3 to 4 day I was so tired an run down down . I was sore every we’re from my tummy to top of chest. My doctor gave me panadine forte for pain, buscopan forte for the muscle spazems an metoclopamide hydrochloride for vomiting hope this help a bit gallstone are do horrible

  10. Necole says:

    GI doc said YES gallstones and gallbladder can cause LEFT chest pain that mimics a heart attack. Been to ER twice with severe left chest pain and a numb left arm. Had 2 EKGs, 2 chest x-rays, EMG, MRI, 3 upper GI’s. I am 32years old with GERD and Hidial hernia with mild gastritis. Scary business waking up with an elephant on your chest at 4am.

  11. Shavontae says:


    I’m 23 yrs old and i just had my 1st child. I have not been experiencing these symptoms until after i had my son. My first attack lasted about 45 mins and everyone after about an hour and a haff. i had pains in my chest right below my breast that went all the way around to my back, i broke up into cold sweats and then i would vomit. afterwards I would sleep for about 8 hrs straight. I have had a total of 6 attacks within that last 2 months. I have talked to a few friends and a couple told me that it might problems with my gallbladder. Then i started to do some mild research. Then I had an episode again where i just felt like i was dying. I am actually going to see my Dr tomorrow and hopefully she tells me something helpful.

  12. john says:

    Can the Gallbladder burst, and if so is it life treating?

  13. Felicia says:

    Yesterday I had to go to the e.r I had sever back pain between my shoulder blades, it would come right around the front of my chest, I had cramping in my tummy, gas and honestly felt I was dying? They did an ecg on my and bloodwork. The only thing abnormal was my fever so they said probablility was a virus???

    A friend mentioned to look up gall bladder and now I am positive its what happened. Also when I would drink alcohol that’s sweet I’d get these pains in the top of my stomache and a bad taste in my mouth?

    Any advice please!?

  14. Kristi says:

    My question for those of you having these attacks is do you have diarrhea as well? I’ve had 5 attacks in the last year now and am about to go insane. I’ve been to the ER and was just told it’s a stomach virus. Mine comes on so fast that with 30 minutes of the first stomach “grumbling” I am on the toilet, throwing up, have cold sweats, cramping in my upper abdomen and my blood pressure bottoms out. The vomiting usually doesn’t last long 2-3 times but I’m left with a horrible upper abdomen pain that lasts for 2-3 days. I’m usually so wiped out I miss at least one day of work. The other thing is these attacks always happen in the evening or during the night. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  15. Angela Warman says:

    A few days ago I ate a salad and it had some broccoli in it whichi is typical of the salads that I eat daily for lunch. About 45 minutes after eating the salad my stomach began hurting on the right side and radiated to right above naval. The pain also caused me to have unbearable back pain. This happened again just the other night after eating mexican. Bear in mind I have recently lost about 30lbs and have cut most fat out of my diet. However, had it not been for the fact that husband works second shift and was not at home at the time of this pain I would have been in the Emergency Room. I am definitely making an appointment tomorrow. However, my question is will the doctor be able to tell anything since the symptoms come and go?

    • Tee says:

      Please everyone go to the Dr. I have been suffering for along time andafter learning about the syptoms I think I may have been having attacks for years. Who knows? I was committed to not going to the Dr becaause they did’nt do anything. The time that I went before I got diagnosed the guy didn’t even touch me, That was after saying that I thing I threw up blood. It was bile but he did nothing. I left and said I would never go back. Last year I had two trips to the emergencey room. No one looked for anything like that, though I was throwing up in the room. How sad. Women’s health is in danger if we continue to be treated like this. I’m also distrurbed by how many of us are just reading and replying to others. We need to be at the Drs asking for ultrasounds.
      I finally got and experienced Dr that knew what was wrong. relief finally.

  16. raz says:

    very nice post

  17. Emma says:


    I am really interested to read all of the comments. For the last year I have been getting a weird sensation (like a moving lump) under my right rib, dizzyness, shaky and either constipation or an urgent need to go to toilet. My stools smell odd and are light coloured. I had some eggs and really fatty bacon this morning and drove fourteen miles of hell. I felt like I was going to pass out, really dizzy, short of breath, headache, urgent need for the toilet dry throat and bloated abdonmen, and a feeling of a raw tummy, and the weird rib sensation. When I arrived at a remote field I got out of car and made myself walk just waiting to pass out. It took me around half an hour to feel safe. I don’t get pain in the rib but do in back and breast bone tho infequently. I’ve had the doc out four times and been to the docs twice and they just put me on refux meds but I just know it’s more than that. I could drink alcohol but am now finding even after 3 glasses of wine I’m on the sofa for the whole of the next day with these symptoms and feel like I’m going crazy. Docs have suggested, anxiety, urine infection and reflux but it just dosen’t figure as I never had this a year ago. Finding this site has been such a relief I’m so fed up with feeling like this and frustrated with the try these pills for a month and see how you go approach. Any info advice appreciated

  18. Susan says:

    It is so hard to tell if its Gallbladder or something else going on. I am not having pain anymore, but the nausea is never ending.I am going for the ultrasound next week, but also going to see a Cardiologist for a full work-up under my doctors instructions. She wants to rule out anything that could be causing my problem. I just got out of the hospital 3 weeks ago with a huge blood clot in my leg, and was thinking the medication was causing all of this. Anyone with this type of pain should get checked out to be sure it is Gallbladder.

  19. Susan says:

    I am trying to debate if I am having a Gallbladder attack or is it from me starting on Coumadin the blood thinner for a blood clot. I am having the upper stomach pain radiating into my back,and some nausea. Then I had Diarrhea after I ate. Going to call my doctor on Monday. I already mentiond the Gallbladder, and she did not think that is what it is. I get the pain within an hour of eating a meal. The nausea is there no matter what.
    No vomiting, just nausea.

  20. Hannah says:

    hi, the pains you are describing sounds like a gallbladder attack, mine were really bad, pain in back, ribs, breastbone, i had to constantly make my self sick, to bring the food back up, so the pain would stop.
    i just had my gallbladder taken out monday, valentines day of all days, so am gettin used to a diet of soup, fish chicken etc, would prefer to have my daughter again than have to go through with the attacks gl xx

  21. Greg says:

    The symptoms of Gall Bladder disease can be really painful, so it is good to know how to reduce the pain once it begins, at least for some time. Changing your diet is the most important thing you can do. Greasy, fatty foods should be avoided and you should start eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

    You should also drink more water and consume foods rich in fibers in order to avoid constipation. However, once you start feeling the symptoms it is advisable to start reading about the gall bladder disease and the different methods you can use to ease the symptoms. At the same time, a good talk with your doctor or nutritionist is always recommended. They will help you understand the symptoms and show you step by step how to create your gall bladder diet.

    As you can see the most important factor in dealing with the gall bladder disease is nutrition, but exercise should not be neglected. A good amount of exercise every day is highly important.

    Thanks for great info!

  22. Marianne Bailey says:

    I am having pain in lower abdomin. Its not sharp pains but a constant annoying pain. Eating makes it even more painful. I usually have dirhea after a meal but not always. I am also dizzy
    (vertigo) but this could be a medication side effect. I take Lomotil for the dirhea and it usually works for the rest of the
    day. I am some what nausious but not throwing up. I am only eating
    so foods and soup to ease off symptons. Can you help? bb

    • Sherri says:

      Gallbladder pain is in the upper abdoman, just under the ribs. Some time radiatting through to the back.

    • Kimberly says:

      This sounds more like a gastric issue. I have Crohn’s. It could be something like that or even Colitis. Talk to a G.I. doctor about it.

  23. Kater says:

    Go to the doctor. It sounds like a gallbladder attack. Just eating a liquid diet.

  24. Silvia says:

    i been experiencing for the past 6 weeks, alot of tiredness, nausea, vomiting, pain on my right shoulder and chest , pain on my abdomen, excessive gas, constipation, i always feel tired i could fall asleep if i just close my eyes, my stomach its always bloated and i feel like i have eaten to much.
    Can anybody let me know what those symptoms are ?
    Are those symptoms are related to the GALLBLADDER ???

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