Here you can read about foods to avoid with gallbladder trouble. If you are having such problems, you must know more about proper diet. Gallbladder is an important organ. It is located near the liver. The main function of gallbladder is to store bile. It is also responsible for controlling bile and releasing it into the small intestine.

Gallbladder has a very important role when it comes to digestion processes. Bile is important for fat digestion. If there is any problem related to bile or gallbladder, a person will start having symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, belching, jaundice, nausea and vomiting. The pain can spread to your shoulder, too. Gallbladder problems are usually caused by gallstones, but other factors can lead to gallbladder diseases.

Most of gallbladder problems can be treated if detected in time. However, patients will have to make some changes to their lifestyle and especially diet. It is very important to visit your doctor once you notice any of these symptoms. Early detection can help in preventing further complications with gallbladder.

Foods to Avoid With Gallbladder Problems

– If your gallbladder problem is not too severe, your doctor will give you some medications to use, and he/she will tell you how to moderate your diet in order to prevent other problems. However, if your condition turns out to be more serious, your doctor may advise you to undergo a gallbladder surgery. Even if that happens, you should not be worried, because these procedures are routine and complications are very rare. If that happens, you will have to change your eating habits.

– Foods that contain a lot of cholesterol must be avoided. Gallstones are actually cholesterol deposits, so you will have to stop consuming foods that are rich in cholesterol. These food items include pork, beef, other organ meat, egg yolk, fried foods, spicy foods, foods that are high in sugar, fatty dairy products (including fatty cheese, cream cheese, fatty milk, etc.), fatty fish, and foods that contain large amounts of sugar and fats.

– Now, certain foods may not be fatty, but they can be spicy and you should avoid these, too. Spicy foods are known to irritate the gallbladder and the rest of your digestive tract.

– Do not eat junk food! Even if you think that your pizza is not too fatty, you should not eat it! Hamburgers and similar fast food items are higher in fat content than you think!

– To avoid bloating and gas, you will have to stay away from gassy foods. Acidic foods also belong to the group of foods to avoid.

– Do not drink carbonated beverages and alcohol.

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