If you are looking for some info on adenomyomatosis of gallbladder, you may find this article useful. We will tell you more about this important organ, and mention some of the most common problems related to gallbladder.

What is gallbladder?

● Gallbladder is a very small organ that resembles a sack, located near the liver. One of the main functions of gallbladder is to control the release of bile into the intestines (and to store bile). Whenever you eat something, certain amount of bile is released by the gallbladder. Bile is very important for digestive process, especially when it comes to digestion of fatty foods. If the gallbladder is unable to release the bile, various problems may occur.

What are gallstones?

● Some of the most common gallbladder disorders are related to gallstones. These stones can vary in size, structure and color. They can be darker or light yellow. Some of these stones are very small, while others can be quite large (from one to three centimeters). Gallstones usually consist of cholesterol.

● Pigment stones are dark in color and they are composed of calcium salts and smaller amount of cholesterol.

● Mixed stones are composed of cholesterol, calcium carbonate, bilirubin, palmitate phosphate and some pigments.

What Is Adenomyomatosis of Gallbladder?

● Adenomyomatosis is one of the gallbladder conditions, but it is not dangerous. In some cases, it is hard to tell whether a person is suffering from cholesterolosis or adenomyomatosis.

● Adenomyomatosis is usually benign. It is characterized by certain changes in the gallbladder wall. It is a lesion that resembles a tumor, but without any malignant tendencies. The cause of adenomyomatosis is usually unknown.

● Ultrasonography and magnetic resonance are used in diagnosing this condition.

● As you can see, adenomyomatosis of gallbladder is not dangerous, but you need to visit your doctor and make sure it’s not something else.

However, if you have any other gallbladder disorder, your doctor will give you proper treatment. In some cases, gallbladder problems can become quite severe and cause further complications. In such cases, doctors will suggest gallbladder removal. Any patient who has had a gallbladder surgery is strongly advised to modify his/her diet. Gallbladder diet is not very restrictive. However, certain foods must be avoided.

If you have gallstones, your doctor will give you some remedies to use. A healthy diet can help you prevent further complications that can result from gallstones.

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